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The scareAway Systems Limited Bird Scaring Gas Cannon

Farming Bird Scaring Model - model SSLE01 (Patent Pending)

On first impressions our bird scaring gas cannon may not look very different to what is currently available in the market place at present, but we have made innovative improvements to all aspects of the design
1.    There is no control panel panel on our gas cannon
We use a brand new smart phone app. This ensures that there is less to go wrong with the electronics in the device when it is left in the fields for long periods of time, and there is no clumsy panel with buttons that do not press. Moisture, water, heat and frost have little effect on all the components used in our device. Having said this, the user is still able to set daily (Monday to Sunday) on and off times, and blast intervals of every 1, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 minute - all with a double blast
2.    We do not use a spark plug to ignite the gas
This means that there is less chance of failure and less maintenance of our device - the farmers/users will be very happy about this as there is less down time
3.    There is no tiny jet on the end of the gas hose to get blocked
Many of our competitors use a 1mm jet that gets blocked very easily and extremely quickly
4.    The blasts generated by the device mimics that of a shot gun and not a booming shock wave
This is more effective at scaring birds and other wild life


Portable - fully hand held - version


Our hand held version is fully portable and can be carried with one hand, and fired remotely from inside your vehicle when touring your farm land. Blasts can be fired using the smart phone app without getting out of youir vehicle - just secure the device securely on the bed of your pick-up or ATV and BLAST AWAY!!!!


To download our free app, Android Users go to the Playstore and download the scareAway Systems Limited app and Apple Users go to the iStore and download the scareAway Systems Limited app

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